On Dressing Like a Style Icon

Kate Hair

I am a great admirer of the Duchess of Cambridge – both of her personality and her style.  I have a Pinterest board devoted to Kate.  I recently joined the writing team at What Would Kate Do? – one of the leading sites documenting Catherine’s endeavors as a public figure.  So it should come as no great shock that I’m a sucker for a good RepliKate (“a piece of clothing clearly inspired by something the Duchess of Cambridge has worn”).

You don’t have to look far to find women to strive to emulate the style of other timeless icons – Audrey Hepburn or the late Princess Grace.

The thing is, even in the best of circumstances – unlimited budget, limitless time, gifted genes – no one person is exactly like another.  Case in point: my baby-fine, stick-straight hair.  Despite spending plenty of green on products and tools, and devoting an hour (or more) to styling, my hair will only hold volume and a curl for three minutes post-blowout (photo on left).  No exaggeration.  After three years of trying, I caved and cut my hair last October (photo on right; and yes, that’s an intentionally Kate-esque faux wrap dress I’m wearing).  I’ve not only bought back 60+ minutes of my mornings, but my look stays fresh and classy until I shake hands with my last client of the day.

Today I am over at What Would Kate Do? discussing the underlying fashion principles of my style icon, and how to achieve a Duchess-worthy look in the skin you’re in.


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