Review: The Eighty Twenty Magazine

8020 Vol 1

Apparently I’m not the only one who believes that refined tastes and real food are not mutually exclusive!

Have you met The Eighty Twenty?  The are, to quote their luscious website,

. . . an online magazine and community, built by and for women who lean toward the Paleo lifestyle. This site is for those who crave balance in all things. For the woman who knows what makes her feel better: more sweat, less complaining, more vegetables, less sugar, more fat, less grains, more books, less television, more fresh air, less desk jobs; the same woman who knows sometimes you just have to work late, skip the gym, eat the cookie, drink the second glass, sleep in, binge on Netflix, splurge on mascara.

It’s like they read my mind!

8020 quote

I discovered The Eighty Twenty through their gorgeous Instagram photos and was immediately in love.  Why? Because one of the things I’ve struggled with most on a personal level since adopting a Paleo nutritional approach last year is retaining space in my daily life for indulgences.  For “girly” things (which frequently don’t seem to prevail in the mainstream Paleo community).   I feel like these women are kindred spirits.  We both (in the words of Eighty Twenty editor Jenna) “have designed a life we are proud of, and a handful of vices that we can’t live without – or rather – can live with.”

Needless to say, I jumped on ordering the first edition of their magazine as soon as it was available and I’ve been delighted with the content!

8020 Sw Potato Gnocchi

The magazine is a balanced blend of four food recipes and three DIY beauty recipes, interspersed with personal stories and lifestyle features.  The recipes have a seasonal tone and for the winter include mouth-watering selections like Cider Squash Soup and Sweet Potato Gnocchi (which I can’t wait to make as soon as Lent is over – I gave up bacon – Egads!).  The personal stories are positive and inspiring, as well as sometimes humorous.  Sprinkled throughout are quick healthy lifestyle tips as well.

The only negative I see is with the price.  The print edition (which included a digital copy as well) at time of my purchase was $14.99 exclusive of taxes.  The Eighty Twenty have since temporarily suspended the print edition to look for a more cost-effective means of publication.  As much as I LOVE having the printed version to satisfy my tactile needs, I can’t see making that kind of splurge again for 38 pages when twice that dollar figure will get me a whole new Paleo cookbook.  The digital version is an easier-to-swallow $7.99 which is still a bit steep, but acceptable for a luxury product.  The file is one of those lovely flip-book views, as opposed to a PDF.  However, the downside to that format is that the recipes are not printable, which is a strong preference for me given the unclassy hot mess my kitchen becomes on meal prep day.  Nevertheless, I fully expect to purchase the digital version of the next issue (and cross my fingers that they find a way to make recipes printable in the future)!

Keep up the beautiful work, ladies! I sincerely look forward to seeing what your spring issue has in store!


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