Weekend Lemonade

Weekend Lemonade

It’s Thursday and spring, which means I’m already dreaming of spending my weekend outside.  I get in the mood for lemonade as soon as the temperature is above 60 for more than about five minutes.  On a weekday, lemonade alone is treat enough (thanks to the sugar), but after surviving the week, I like to boost the indulgence level a little with this quick and easy “adult” variation.

Weekend Lemonade

(Serves 1)

  • 1oz Vodka (I prefer a Paleo-friendly variety, like Ciroc or Idol)
  • 1/2oz Gran Marnier or Gran Gala
  • Lemonade (freshly made if you’re ambitious, or your favorite store-bought variety if you’re falling over tired by the end of the week like yours truly – I like Simply Lemonade)
  • Ice

Place eight ice cubes in an Old Fashioned glass.  Measure and add Vodka and Gran Marnier.  Top with lemonade and stir. Cheers!

What’s your favorite weekend cocktail?


One thought on “Weekend Lemonade

  1. When the weather gets warm, I love a good St. Germain cocktail. After the initial investment in a bottle of St. Germain, the other ingredients (white wine, soda water, and lemon) are easy to keep on hand whenever you get a craving (which happens often on hot, lazy afternoons).


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