Still Here!

Well hi there!

“Whoa, you’re still here?!”

I know, right?! It’s been awhile.  Somehow January 2016 has already become August 2016.  So, what’s new with you?  As ever, I’ve been . . .

. . . Cooking great Paleo dishes . . .

P&P - Paleo Seafood

. . . Enjoying time in the garden . . .

P&P - Tree Peony

. . . Sharing my thoughts on what it means to live royally over at What Would Kate Do? . . .


. . . Reading (A LOT!). . .

P&P - Porch Reading

But mostly, 2016 has been about pulling up my Big Girl Panties and getting my house in order (literally as well as figuratively) and putting my family first.

“That’s great, Vik, but what does it mean for me?” 

I am SO glad you asked! It means I’m awash with some exciting Paleo recipes I’ve been working on, some tips and tricks on making healthy living manageable in real life,  LOTS of books I want to tell you about, and more! Stay tuned for Tuesday’s Meal Planning Bonanza (or how I manage my cookbook “problem”)!

In the meantime, tell me the most exciting thing that’s happened to you so far this year!


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