Meal Plan: Week of April 24

Hi y’all!

A lot’s been going on in the land of Peonies and Paleo (although, clearly, blogging is not one of them . . . )! The one thing that has been a stable constant is meal planning! Y’all know I’m a BIG believer in meal planning (check out my Ultimate Meal Planning Guide), and if you follow me over on Instagram, you’ve probably figured out that I love to prep cook, too.

Medium Egg

But I’ve had some IRL friends ask me lately for meal planning help and I figured, who doesn’t love a pre-made meal plan, so I figured I’d start sharing my weekly menu.  Items followed by a (SCU) means they were premade in my Sunday Cook Up.  Let me know if this is helpful!


My breakfast: Over medium steamed egg a la Stupid Easy Paleo (SCU) + a blueberry muffin from Paleo Cupboard (This would normally be part of my Sunday Cook Up, however, these are some leftovers I had in the freezer I’m trying to use up.)

Kids’ breakfast: sausage pancake muffins from Jay’s Baking me Crazy (SCU) + fruit


My lunch: leftovers from the previous night’s dinner

Kids’ lunch: they eat lunch at school (they’re not 100% Paleo; obvs)


Monday: Hawaiian Chicken Burgers + Pina Colada Coleslaw (SCU) from Physical Kitchness

Tuesday: Orange Chicken from the Paleo Takeout cookbook + steamed broccoli + caulirice (I use Trader Joe’s frozen)

Wednesday: Waffles from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen + bacon + fruit (kids) or stir-fried kale a la Nom Nom Paleo (me)

Thursday: Turkey meatballs + cauliflower mash from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook

Friday: Butternut Sausage Bake with Kale and Tomato Cream from Paleo Running Mama

Saturday: Take Out Night!

Sunday: Twice Baked “Macaroni” + hot dogs from Paleo Gone Sassy via Real Everything

What’s on your menu this week?

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