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Quick Recipe: Spicy Smoked Chicken Salad

P&P Spicy Smoked Chicken Salad

Hey, where’s this week’s meal plan? I know, I know.  I’d like to know the same thing.  Life is kicking my tail and we’re living on leftovers and freezer meals this week.


Something wonderful happened over the weekend with some slightly overdone smoked chicken breasts! They magically turned into one of the best chicken salads I’ve ever had (and I love me a good chicken salad!).  Happily, I made mental notes as I went and have this recipe to share with you!

Spicy Smoked Chicken Salad – Serves 2 as a salad meal


  • 2 smoked chicken breasts (or breasts you’ve roasted with a healthy coat of good seasoning rub);
  • 1/2c mayonnaise (my favorite homemade; my favorite premade);
  • 2-3Tbsp hot sauce (I use Frank’s);
  • 1/2 pint cherry or grape tomatoes, quartered;
  • 2 stalks celery, diced (optional)


  1. Chunky or smooth? If you like chunky chicken salad (think Whole Foods), dice your chicken breasts.  If you prefer a smoother consistency (think tuna salad), pulse in the food processor.  I tried it both ways, and both were winners.  It just comes down to a matter of preference.
  2. Mix all ingredients.  If at all humanly possible, let sit for at least an hour.  If you can’t wait, I understand, but it’ll get better as the flavors from your chicken meet and mingle with the mayo and hot sauce!
  3. Serve over lettuce, on raw zucchini or cucumber rounds, on crackers or bread (preferably Paleo, of course!).


Meal Plan: Week of May 8th

P&P - Kale and Egg breakfast

We had a delightfully busy weekend cooking for and then visiting with my husband’s 92 year old grandmother! The downside: no Sunday Cook-Up for me this week (plus this meal plan is late rolling out).  The upside: this week’s plan is a good example of how I wing it with shortcuts and quicker-cooking meals!


Easy repeat from last week (see photo, above): more semi-soft boiled eggs from Stupid Easy Paleo and greens (either of the recipes mentioned in last week’s Meal Plan depending on how the mood strikes me).

The kids are on a Cheerio’s kick, which isn’t Paleo, but is GF and now that there’s no artificial colors, I’m going to let it slide as we enter the craziness of end-of-school.


When my husband smoked the pork shoulder last weekend, he threw on a few chicken breasts for me (isn’t he a prince?!).  I’m planning on whipping up some Super Green Soup from Simone Miller’s Paleo Soups and Stews to go along with the protein.  It’s chock full of veggies, and is ready in just over 30 minutes.  Win! (If you don’t have Simone’s book and still want a lighter, veggie-based soup, I highly recommend Mel Joulwan’s Silky Ginger Zucchini Soup!)


Monday – Last night we killed the leftovers from last week’s Twice Baked “Mac” and “Cheese” along with some cut veggies.  If you didn’t have any leftovers and are looking for another spaghetti squash recipe, I’ve heard great things about Physical Kitchness’s Tuscan Chicken Spaghetti Squash.

Tuesday – We have the last flag football practice of the season tonight, so we’ll finish up last Friday’s Carnitas when we get home.

Wednesday – Hot Dogs! My kids love hot dogs and I don’t feel bad giving them the clean ones from Applegate Farms.  We’ll have stuffed hot dogs (I got the idea from Michelle Tam’s awesome lunchbox post), with these Parsnip Fries.

Thursday – I’m excited to try this new-to-me Turkey, Kale and Apple Meatballs recipe that was featured on the Whole 30 Recipes IG account last week (if you don’t follow, YOU SHOULD!).  My kids will tell you they hate zucchini, but they both LOVE making zoodles and seem to forget that it’s zucchini along the way.

Friday – I may try to start a #FrittataFriday hashtag! Fed + Fit’s Sausage and Tomato Frittata is a family favorite (we skip the fennel seeds).  If I have time, I may try oven roasting some cherry tomatoes in place of the tomato slices and mixing them into the frittata so we don’t have slippery, sliding tomatoes at mealtime.

Saturday – It’s takeout night! Woot!

Sunday – But wait, Vik, you say, isn’t it Mother’s Day? True enough, but sadly we’re in a season where I don’t get to take the whole day off.  That said, I’ve requested Marinated Flank Steak (we’ve used this particular recipe for years, and it’s easy to swap some of the marinade ingredients for Paleo-friendly ones), and I’ll whip up some easy cauli mash. There’s also a bottle of bourbon-barrel aged Cabernet Sauvignon in the wine fridge that I expect will make an appearance.  Because Mother’s Day.

What are your go-to recipes when life gets crazy??