Back-to-School Meal Plan {Posh Paleo Bonus}

I am beyond thrilled to be featured in this month’s edition of Posh Paleo Magazine with some of my favorite meal planning tips for the crazy back-to-school season.  As you already know, I {heart} meal planning! But if you’re not as wild for it as I am, relax!  To go along with my article in Posh Paleo, I’m giving you a one-week back-to-school meal plan based on the tips from my article.  (What? You don’t subscribe to Posh Paleo yet? Well, get on it! I’ll wait . . .)

Breakfast – Even if you don’t do a Sunday cook-up, I want you to make breakfast this week.  Why? As I explained in the ‘zine, a big change in morning schedule is a prime opportunity to get off your morning nutritional game and that is a recipe for more nutritional slippage throughout the day.  Head it off at the pass by prepping PaleOMG’s Easy Breakfast Casserole on Sunday.

(Psst . . . while your breakfast is baking, don’t forget to chop your veggies for the week.  You can sweat those zoodles ahead of time, too.)

P&P - Dinner Sign

Below you’ll find your dinner menu.  I’m practicing what I preached and loving my slow cooker this season! I put the Slow Cooker Cheater Pork Stew on Monday because that’s the night my son has soccer, so move it around if that’s appropriate for you.  Nom Nom Paleo’s Pork Stew is a gift that keeps on giving – it makes SO much leftovers that you can do a leftovers night AND still have enough for a lunch or two.

I also let you off the hook on Friday.  Remember when I said good enough is perfect? By Friday, I rarely want to cook.  It’s the perfect day to stop off at the grocery store for some gorgeous veggies and a chicken and have dinner on the table five minutes after you walk in the door.

I also gave you a favorite recipe that takes too long for a weeknight on Sunday.  Sunday is a great time to make a more involved meal – especially one that will give you enough leftovers for another dinner.  You’ll thank me next Wednesday.

But wait, Vik, what about lunch? Leftovers, my friend.  Most recipes feed my family of 3.5 (my four-year-old doesn’t eat full servings yet) with enough leftovers for one dinner serving and one or two lunch servings, so I’m assuming you’ll feed your crew of 4ish and have lunch the next day for you.

Happy Cooking and be sure to let me know how it goes!

Monday Slow Cooker Cheater Pork Stew (Nom Nom Paleo)
Tuesday Teriyaki Chicken Thighs and Bok Choi (Fed + Fit) & basic caulirice
Wednesday Grass Fed Meatballs (Grass Fed Girl) & basic zoodles
Thursday Leftover Slow Cooker Cheater Pork Stew
Friday Big Salad topped with rotisserie chicken
Saturday Buffalo Wings(Against All Grain) & veggie crudités
Sunday Rogan Josh (Mel Joulwan)

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