Meal Plan: Happy May!

Can y’all believe it’s May already?! Me neither.  We have a lot coming up: the Hubs’s birthday, our 15th wedding anniversary (!), closing on our new house, and end-of-school activities.  Staying on track is extra super important so I can keep up with all of the above so here we go with this week’s meal plan (remember that “SCU” are items I make ahead in my Sunday Cook Up).  (Note: We switched around some dinners last week so a couple of meals from last week’s plan got bumped to this week. )

P&P 5-1 Meal Plan


My breakfast: semi-soft boiled eggs (SCU) from Stupid Easy Paleo + greens (I’m making the Lemony Bacon Super Greens from the Fed + Fit Cookbook (SCU): the Bacon Stir Fried Kale on Nom Nom Paleo’s site would also make a great breakfast green!)

Kids’ breakfast: they ended up mooching from my frozen Paleo muffin stash last week (that came out sounding way naughtier than intended!), so we’re making Jay’s Baking Me Crazy’s Sausage Pancake Muffins (SCU).  For real this time.


My lunches: Sonoma Chicken Salad from the Fed + Fit Cookbook in hydroponic lettuce wraps + probably some sweet potato chips on the side.  I’m roasting a chicken as part of my SCU so I can also make some bone broth this week.  Because stress needs bone broth.

Kids’ lunches: only a few more weeks of school lunches and then we can clean up their act over the summer!


Monday – Picnic dinner.  My 7yo has a flag football game on Monday night so we’ll have a quick picnic when we get home.  We’ll make some Cold Cut Roll-Ups from the Fed + Fit Cookbook, have some vegetable crudites (SCU) with ranch, and Terra chips.

Tuesday – Twice Baked “Mac” and “Cheese” (I’ll make the spaghetti squash ahead during my SCU to reduce weeknight prep time) from Real Everything.  I cut the bacon to 1/2 pound and add in four Applegate hot dogs to make this a one-bowl meal.

Wednesday – Frozen pizza.  Because I’m flying solo this week and I’m human.  We love the three cheese one from Against the Grain and we add our own toppings.  Lots of black olives on the side, too, since my kiddos were born with the innate sense that black olives belong on fingertips.

Thursday – Leftover Butternut Sausage Bake with Kale and Tomato Cream from Paleo Running Mama.

Friday – It’s Cinco de Mayo! We’re making the Chipotle Carnitas from the Fed + Fit Cookbook and accompany those with chips (real for them; plantain for me) and guac and Paleo Margaritas for the grown ups from Against All Grain.

Saturday – Take out night!

Sunday – We’re taking a meal to the Hubs’s 92yo grandmother as a pre-Mother’s Day treat: smoked pork (his own recipe), collard greens, and the “Corn”bread from Against All Grain’s Celebrations cookbook made as muffins.

What are you cooking up this week? Anything special for Cinco de Mayo?

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